The Band

Introducing Groove Slayers, the ultimate purveyors of infectious rhythms and unstoppable beats. With a name that commands attention and a sound that ignites every dance floor, Groove Slayers are the go-to party catalysts for any occasion. Fusing elements of funk, soul, and pop, this powerhouse ensemble is on a mission to slay monotony and elevate every event to legendary status. Founded on a collective passion for music and a commitment to delivering unforgettable performances, Groove Slayers bring an unrivaled energy and enthusiasm to every stage they grace. From intimate gatherings to epic festivals, their dynamic presence and electrifying sound ensure the party never stops. Get ready to surrender to the groove and unleash your inner party animal with Groove Slayers!


Sophia Hermosilla- Lead Vocals

Ashley Wilcox- Lead Vocals

Ed Torres- Guitar/Backing Vocals

Gary Gould- Bass Guitar

Robert Cohen- Keys/Backing Vocals

Tom Nordin- Drums

Bill Carmichael- Trumpet

Mike Lott- Trombone/Lead Vocals/Harmonica

Scott White- Saxophone

Ben Smith- Sound Production

Auxiliary Members:

Jessica Sayago- Lead Vocals

Steve Brown- Drums